Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Raasch-Raetz Funeral Home

Wangerin-Weickhardt c. 1927 and rebuilt in 1960

Great                             Swell                                    Pedal

8' Stopped diapason               8' Stopped diapason                      16' Bourdon
8' Salicional                     8' Salicional                             8' Bass flute
8' Vox humana                     8' Voix celeste                          great to pedal 8'
great to great 4'                 4' Flute d'amour                         swell to pedal 8'
swell to great 16'                2 2/3' Nazard
swell to great 8'                 2' Flautino              
swell to great 4'                 swell to swell 16'
                                  swell unison off
                                  swell to swell 4'
                                  chimes (deagon tubular)
                                  harp (metal bar)
                                  tremulant (affects all)

expression pedal
crescendo pedal
5 pneumatic pistons affecting swell, great and pedal
the ranks are: stopped diapason, salicional, voix celeste and vox humana
organ is located in one chamber in the attic

 [Received from Joe Boehnlein 2016-03-19.]
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