St. Joseph Catholic Church
Bryan, Texas
A. B. Felgemacher 1915

Organ originally installed in St. Mary Catholic Church in Bremond, Texas.
Organ removed to Bryan in 1972 and installed by Otto Hofmann without alteration.

Original Specification

 8'     Open Diapason   61p 43sc
 8'     Melodia         61p
 8'     Dulciana        49p (low 8ve grooved)
 4'     Octave          61p
 2'     Fifteenth       61p
        Swell to Great   (piston under

 8'     Open Diapason   49p (low 8ve grooved)
 8'     Stopped Diapason61p
 8'     Viola da Gamba  49p (low 8ve grooved)
 8'     Vox Celeste     49p
 4'     Flute d'Amour   61p

16'     Bourdon  (tubular pneumatic)
        Great to Pedal piston under Gt. Man.
        Swell to Pedal   "      "     " 

1982 revisions by R. Schneider
III   Mixture        183p (Tommy Anderson)
 8'   Trumpet         61p (Durst w/Eng. Shallots)

 4'   Open Diapason   61' (8' moved to 4' and rescaled 2 pipes)
 II   Mixture        122  (Tommy Anderson)

This organ was completely subsumed into a 34rk rebuild in the 1990s by 
the Boettcher firm of Dallas using parts from 1950's Casavant from Second Baptist Church
in Fort Worth and a 3m Wicks "eyeline" console purchased from Van Cliburn.

 [Received from Rev. Larry Covington 2016-07-19.]
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