St. Francis Church, R.C.
New Haven, Connecticut

E. & G.G. Hook & Hastings, No. 750, 1874
Restored and relocated by S.L. Huntington & Co., 2003



Man. I 16 ft.  Op. Diapn. 1-7 stopped wood, 12 zinc in facade, remainder common
Man. I 8 ft.   Op. Diapn. 1-7 facade, zinc to #17 then spotted. Signed Chas. Beaudry 1874
Man. I 8 ft.   Melodia    1-17 stopped, remainder open wood
Man. I 8 ft.   Dulciana   1-12 zinc, remainder common metal
Man. I 4 ft.   Octave     1-5 zinc, remainder common metal
Man. I 4 ft.   Flute d'Amour stopped wood with chimneys, open common metal trebles
Man. I 3 ft.   Twelfth    common metal
Man. I 2 ft.   Fifteenth  common metal
Man. I 3 Rank  Mixture    common metal: 
                          C- 2, 1 1/2, 1; c13- 3, 2, 1 1/2; c37- 4, 3, 2
Man. I 8 ft.   Trumpet    1-24 spotted bells on zinc, then spotted; top 9 flue trebles


Man. II 16 ft.  Bourdon Treble  from tenor-c, stopped wood
Man. II 16 ft.  Bourdon Bass    1-12 (unenclosed)
Man. II 8 ft.   Op. Diapn.      1-7 stopped wood, #8-17 open zinc, then spotted
Man. II 8 ft.   Std. Diapn.     stopped wood
Man. II 8 ft.   Viola           1-6 Quintadena, then open common metal
Man. II 4 ft.   Violina         common metal
Man. II 4 ft.   Flauto Traverso open wood, harmonic at c25, 9 common metal trebles
Man. II 2 Rank  Dolce Cornet    common metal:
                                C- 1 1/2, 1; f#43- 3, 2, 1 1/2; c49- 4, 3
Man. II 8 ft.   Cornopean       1-24 spotted bells on zinc, then spotted, top 9 flue trebles,
                                   unusally large scale, harmonic at c37
Man. II 8 ft.   Oboe            tenor-c, spotted bells on zinc stems, top 9 flue trebles
Man. II 8 ft.   Bassoon         1-12, spotted bells on zinc stems


Ped. 16 ft.  Op. Diapn.         open wood
Ped. 16 ft.  Bourdon            stopped wood
Ped. 8 ft.   V'cello            1-17 zinc, then common metal

Swell to Great Coupler
Great to Pedale Coupler 
Swell to Pedale Coupler 


Bellows Signal
Gr. to Ped. [unlabeled reversible pedal]
3 unlabeled single-acting Great combination pedals: [Forte, Mezzo, Piano]

Balanced Swell pedal- not original. Originally a ratchet hitchdown with a double set of 
horizontal shades, at some point- possibly the moving within St. Casimir's-
the inner set of swell shades was removed and the exterior set was turned 90 degrees to vertical and 
connected to a new balanced swell pedal mechanism.

 [Received from Scot Huntington 2016-09-23.]
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