Fishers Island, New York
St. John's Episcopal Church

M. L. Bigelow & Co.   Opus 42   2018                  2 manuals, 10 stops, 12 ranks

       MANUAL I                     MANUAL II                    PEDAL
    8' Open Diapason                                         16' Bourdon
    8' Flute (MC)                                             8' Bourdon (ext.)
    8' Stopped Diapason    ←→    8' Stopped Diapason             Man. I to Pedal
    8' Viola Dolce         ←→    8' Viola Dolce                  Man. II to Pedal
                                 8' Voix Celeste (TC)
    4' Principal           ←→    4' Principal
    4' Chimney Flute       ←→    4' Chimney Flute
       Mixture III         ←→    2' Fifteenth
       Man. II to Man. I         8' Cornopean
       Man. II to Man. I at 16'     Tremolo (entire organ)

    Double-headed arrows indicate "Either-Or" stops. Registering a
    stop on one manual automatically cancels it from the other.

    58/30 notes - Flat pedalboard
    Manual keys of bone and ebony
    Key-tensioned mechanical key action
    Mechanical stop action
    Mechanically operated swell shades enclose all
      stops except Open Diapason (in façade).

    Previous case front with newly attached keydesk,
    speaking façade pipes, and new carvings.

    Pipes in projecting clusters of three are
      non-speaking, retained from previous organ.

[Received from Steven E. Lawson  2018-07-22]

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