North Andover, Massachusetts
First Methodist Episcopal Church

GILBERT & BUTLER, ca. 1893 - Original Specifications
Unknown Builder, ca. 1894 - Installation

MANUAL (Expressive)                          COUPLERS
   8  Open Diapason Treble                      Man. to Ped.             (drawknob)
   8  Open Diapason Bass
   8  Melodia Treble                            Octave Coupler         (hitch-down)
   8  Melodia Bass
   8  Dulciana Treble
   8  Dulciana Bass                          PEDAL MOVEMENTS
   4  Flute Harmonique                          Expression                   (bal.)
   4  Violina Treble
   4  Violina Bass

   16  Bourdon                      27

ACTION: Mech. Key & Stop      VOICES: 6      STOPS: 10      RANKS: 6      PIPES:   

In the printed history of the church entitled, History of First Methodist Church on
page 7, it states, “It was during the pastorate of Rev. Pratt [Sept. 1894 – April 1896],
that the pipe organ, which was not new when purchased, was installed. This organ was
used continually, first being pumped by a 'Blow Boy,' later by a water pump, and still
later becoming electrified, until it was taken out during the 1941 renovations.”

On page 8, it states, “In April of 1923, the organ [ed., blower] was electrified. The
Davis & Furber Machine Company electricians doing the work.”

On pages 10-11, it states, “The year 1941 will long be remembered in the history of our
society. It was the year that the most extensive alterations were made to our building
since the time in was raised and made into a two story structure. <snip> It was announced
that our church society was in receipt of a large gift, which was to be used for a new
pipe organ and chancel. This was very welcome news, for it had long been the desire of
the Trustees and the parish to secure a new organ. <snip> Many changes were made in the
original plans for a pipe organ and a new chancel. It was decided not to put in an
expensive organ and new chancel in an old out-of-date interior. So instead, a less
expensive all electric Everett Orgatrone [sic] was installed with a sound box.”

Sources: Robert J. Reich files; parish history

First Methodist Episcopal Church
North Andover, MA.

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