Wayne T. Warren (ca. 1996)
Cathedral Church of St. Paul (R.C)
Yakima, WA

St. Anne's R. C., Ruskin, FL (1996-2008)
1920 Hinners, Op. 2525
(Stoplist: T 41:2:15)

Manual (61 notes, divided ay middle C)
8' Open Diapason Bass/Treble (unenclosed)
8' Lieblich Gedeckt Bass/Treble (enclosed)
8' Viola da Gamba Bass/Treble (enclosed - capped basses)
8' Aeoline Bass/Treble (enclosed - capped Basses)
4' Flute Bass/Treble (enclosed - marked "Flute Dolce)

Pedal (30 notes)
16' Bourdon (15 pipes)

Manual to Pedal coupler

Restorative repairs in 1996, new blower, larger wind regulator.
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