Seattle, Washington
Zion Lutheran Church

ESTEY ORGAN CO., Opus 1028, 1912
Balcom and Vaughan, Opus 542, 1952 - Removal, Electrification, Re-installation

GREAT (Expressive)                           COUPLERS
8     Open Diapason              61          Swell to Pedal                  8,4
8     Melodia                    61          Great to Pedal                  8,4
8     Dulciana                   61
      blank                                  Swell to Great               16,8,4

Great to Great 16'
Great Unison Off                             FINGER PISTONS
Great to Great 4'                            Sw. to Ped. Rev.              (rev)
                                             Gt. to Ped. Rev.              (rev)
                                             Sw. to Gt. Rev.               (rev)
SWELL (Expressive)
8     Stopped Flute              61
8     Salicional                 61          TOE STUDS
8     Voix Celeste       (prep)  –-          None
4     Flute Harmonic             61
                                             PEDAL MOVEMENTS
Swell to Swell 16'                           Expression                   (bal.)
Swell Unison Off                             Crescendo                    (bal.)
Swell to Swell 4'

PEDAL (Expressive)
16    Bourdon                    30

ACTION: E-P Ventil       VOICES: 7        STOPS: 7       RANKS: 7       PIPES: 396

This was the removal, electrification, and reinstallation of the congregation's
original tubular-pneumatic Estey. All original chests and pipes were retained.
a new Balcom and Vaughan console was provided. The organ was installed in a single
elevated expressive chamber on the left side ofr the chancel. The organ was later
tonally altered by Richard Warburton.

Sources: Estey opus list; Balcom and Vaughan opus list; Eugene M. Nye
         compilation; James R. Stettner; extant organ

Zion Lutheran Church (ELCA)
2102 40th St. N.
Seattle,  WA.  98103                         Documented: March, 1993
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