Frostburg, Maryland
Salem Church

M.P. MÖLLER, Opus __, 1887 - Original Specifications

MANUAL (Expressive)                           COUPLERS
8  Open Diapason                 49           Manual to Pedal  [assumed]
8  Dulciana                      44
8  Diapason Bass                 17           Octave Couple
4  Principal Treble              44
4  Principal Bass                17
4  Flute d' Amour                44           FOOT TRUNDLES

16 Bourdon Bass                  25           PEDAL MOVEMENTS
                                              Expression              (bal.)

ACTION: Mech. Key      VOICES: 5      STOPS: 7      RANKS: 5      PIPES: 248
           & Stop

A December 17, 1887 article in the Frostburg Mining Journal of Frostburg,
Maryland provides the details for this specification. There is one incon-
gruency, however. The article given the pedal compass as C-D 25 notes.
However this would be 27 notes. But the compass of the single Pedal 16'
Bourdon as 25 pipes “of wood and very large.” So it is assumed that the
stated compass was in error.

The case dimensions are given as 11-1/2' tall x 6' wide x 4' deep. The
case was of black walnut in a semi Gothic style of architecture. And the
front pipes were speaking, and decorated in gold and colors.

Sources: Aforementioned article

Salem Reformed Church
Frostburg, Maryland
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