Eastport, Maine
Tides Institute & Museum of Art - North Church bldg.

SCHLICKER ORGAN CO., 1961 - Original Specifications
Mann & Trupiano, 2018 - Re-installation

MANUAL I (Oberwerk)                          COUPLERS (Drawknob)
  8      Rohrfloete                56          Man. II to Pedal
  4      Principal     [façade]    56          Man. I  to Pedal
  4      Spielfloete               56
  2      Blockfloete               56          Man. II to Man. I
  II-III Mixture                  ___
  8      Krummhorn                 56
         Tremolo                             FOOT LEVERS

MANUAL II (Brustwerk)
  8      Gedeckt                   56        PEDAL MOVEMENTS
  4      Rohrfloete                56          None – No expressive divisions
  2      Principal                 56
  1 3/5  Terz                      56
  1 1/3  Quint                     56
  II     Zimbel                   112
                                             ACTION: Mech. Key & Stop

PEDAL                                        VOICES: 18
  16     Subbass                   30
  8      Gemshorn      [façade]    30        STOPS: 21
  4      Nachthorn                 30
  II     Rauschpfeife              60        RANKS: 21
  16     Dulzian                   30
  4      Regal                     30        PIPES: _____

The organ is free-standing and encased at the front of the room. The layout
is Manual I above Manual II with both framed by the divided Pedal. The Manual
I 4' Principal is in the façade. The Pedal 8' Gemshorn is in that division's
façade. The organ was originally built for the Locust Valley, Long Island,
New York studio of sculptor Richard Lippold. After the artist's death, the
organ was disassembled and placed in storage in a warehouse located in Brooklyn,
New York. The Tides Institute & Museum of Art in Eastport, Maine learned of the
existence of the organ in 2016 and purchased the disassembled organ in November,
2016 from Lawrence Trupiano of Mann & Trupiano and had it transported to Eastport,
Maine. In the spring of 2018 they had the organ reassembled in their North Church
building. The inaugural concerts using the organ at the North Church were per-
formed by organist, James David Christie, on July 14 and 15, 2018.

Sources: Schlicker promotional advertisement; Hugh French, Director of the
         Museum in Eastport; photos of the extant organ

Tides Institute & Museum of Art
North Church Building
82 High Street
Eastport, ME 04631                           Documented: October 11, 2020  
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