Eastport, Maine
Christ Episcopal Church

GEO. KILGEN, 1875 - Original Specifications

MANUAL (Expressive)                          COUPLERS (Drawknob)
[8]  Open                        __          Coupler             [Man. to Pedal]
[8]  Melodia                     __
Gr. 8 ft. Dulciana               __
[8]  Stop Dia. Bass              __          FOOT LEVERS
[4]  Principal                   56          Unknown                   [removed]
 4   Flute                       __
[2]  Flageolet                   56
                                             PEDAL MOVEMENTS
                                             Expression                [removed]
16 Ft. Bourdon                   25

ACTION: Mech. Key & Stop     VOICES: 7      STOPS: 8      RANKS: 7      PIPES: 

The organ is freestanding and encased at the front of the room – recessed into
a left alcove with the front facing the nave. The 3-sectional façade contains
13 pipes arranged: 3-7-3, which includes __ speaking pipes from the [8'] Open.

The original home(s) is/are not known. The organ was offered for sale on ebay
in 2002 from a location in Nebraska, and former Christ Church Music Director
Gregory Noyes coordinated its purchase and installation in 2002 with organ
builder Timothy Smith. A plaque on the console reads:

                            To  The
                         Glory Of God
                            And In
                            To The
                           Honor Of
                        Laura J. Turner
                       Eleanor T. Norton
                       October 20,  2002

The keydesk is attached and projecting with a lid which opens to form a music
rack. The pedalboard is 25-notes, flat and straight, with radiating sharps.
The stops are as drawknobs in terraced jambs on either side of the manual.
The 8' Dulciana and 4' Flute labels are non-original.

Sources: Music Dir. John Newell, photos by John Newell

Christ Church, Episcopal
21 Key St.
Eastport,  ME. 04631                         Documented: October 27, 2020
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