Vermillion, South Dakota
National Music Museum, University of South Dakota

David Dutton (1838)

MANUAL (Expressive)
[8'] Open Diapason          39 pipes   g to a3
[8'] Dulciana               39 pipes   g to a3
[8'] Stopped Diapason       11 pipes   GGG to F-sharp, on permanently
[8'] Stop Diapason          12 pipes   G to f-sharp, open from c to f-sharp
[4'] Principal treble       39 pipes   g to a3
[4'] Principal bass         12 pipes   G to f-sharp
[4'] Stopped Flute          39 pipes   g to a3
The stop knobs push in to turn the stops on.

Foot Pump

[Documented by John Koster, previous NMM Conservator]
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