Shoreline, Washington
St. Dunstan's Episcopal Church

ORTLOFF ORGAN CO. LLC, Opus 2, 2020 - Original Specifications

GREAT                                        COUPLERS
16    Bourdon          (Ped/Sw)  –-          Swell to Pedal
8     Diapason                   61          Great to Pedal
8     Harmonic Flute             61
8     Stopped Diapason     (Sw)  –-          Swell to Great               16,8,4
4     Octave                     61
2 2/3 Twelfth                    61
2     Fifteenth                  61          FINGER PISTONS
16    Fagotto              (Sw)  –-          General                      1 - 10
8     Trumpet              (Sw)  –-          Swell                         1 - 8
      Tremolo                                  Sw to Ped                   (rev)
                                             Up          (Sw)
Great 16                                     Down        (Sw)
Great Off                                    Great                         1 - 8
Great 4                                        Gt to Ped                   (rev)
                                             Up          (Gt)
                                             Down        (Gt)
SWELL (Expressive)                           Up          (Gen)
16    Bourdon              (tc)  –-          Down        (Gen)
8     Stopped Diapason           61          SFZ                           (rev)
8     Viola                      61          Set
8     Celeste              (GG)  54          Gen Can
4     Principal                  61
4     Spindle Flute              61
2     Flautino                   61          TOE STUDS
III   Mixture                   183          General                     1 - 10
8     Trumpet                    61          Pedal                        1 - 6
8     Oboe                       61          Sw to Ped                    (rev)
      Tremolo                                Gt to Ped                    (rev)
                                             Up                           (Gen)
Swell 16                                     Down                         (Gen)
Swell Off
Swell 4
                                             PEDAL MOVEMENTS
                                             Swell Expression           (bal.)
16    Bourdon                    32
8     Diapason                   32
8     Bourdon                    12          ACTION: 
8     Stopped Diapason     (Sw)  –-
4     Octave                     12          VOICES: 16         STOPS: 26
16    Fagotto              (Sw)  12
8     Trumpet              (Sw)  –-          RANKS: 18          PIPES:

The organ is partially free-standing and encased in the front. This section holds the Great and Pedal pipes. The Swell is in the modified original chambers behind
the case and the front wall. The case of red oak has a 5-sectional façade contain-
ing 21 pipes arranged: 4-5-3-5-4.

From the Ortloff website: “Our Opus 2, of 16 stops and 18 ranks, was commissioned
in late 2018 by St. Dunstan's to replace a failing second-hand pipe organ instal-
led by church members into what was originally intended to be the church hall. 
After a thorough process, the church’s organ committee elected to commission a
fine electric action organ to complement the rich collection of mechanical action
instruments in the greater Seattle area.

The Great and Pedal divisions are housed in a freestanding case of quarter-sawn
red oak, placed front and center in the church. The Swell division is housed
behind the upper case, in the former attic above the sacristy. Variable pipe
scaling for the two choruses was employed to meet the acoustical demands of the
relatively small room. Each pipe is voiced to produce beautiful, unforced tone,
both in solo and ensemble registrations. All new principals and flutes are of
94% lead, save the Swell Principal of spotted metal. The Stopped Diapason is a
generously-scaled wooden stop. The facade pipes, as well as interior 8' basses
and strings are of 50% polished spotted metal. Pipework was supplied by Russell
& Company, Shires Organ Pipes, and Organ Supply Industries. Jonathan Ortloff
voiced all flue pipes; reeds were voiced by Christopher Broome. The Great and
Pedal speak on 3" wind pressure; the Swell flues speak on 3.5" pressure, and
the reeds 5".

Shop construction began in early 2019, and the organ was delivered and installed
in August, 2020. Tonal finishing was completed in October, with assistance from
voicer Duane Prill.”

Sources: Ortloff website; JRS; extant organ

St. Dunstan's Episcopal Church
722 N. 145th St.
Shoreline, WA 98133                          Documented: 
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