Steere & Turner No.221, 1886
Village Congregational Church
New Preston, Connecticut

Compasses: 61 manual, 27-note pedal

8 Ft. Open Diapason              "medium" from middle-c
8 Ft. Open Diapason Bass         Largest pipes in front; 1-24

The following are enclosed in a Swell box

8 Ft. Salicional                 "delicate" from middle-c
8 Ft. Dolce                      1-24
8 Ft. Melodia                    "rich and mellow" from middle-c
8 Ft. Stop'd Diapason Bass       1-24
4 Ft. Octave                     "medium" from middle-c
4 Ft. Octave Bass                1-24
4 Ft. Flute                      "brilliant" from middle-c
4 Ft. Violin Bass                "string tone" 1-24
8 Ft. Oboe                       "plaintive"

16 Ft. Sub Bass Bourdon          "deep and pervading, wood"


Pedale Coupler
Blowers Signal
Wind indicator for organist
Balanced swell pedal
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