Lawrence, Massachusetts
Lithuanian Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic Church

W.W. KIMBALL CO., KPO 6568, ca. 1916 - Original Specifications

GREAT (Expressive Except *)               COUPLERS
8   Open Diapason (*)         61          Swell Unison 8'       [to Pedal]
8   Clarabella                61          Great Unison 8'       [to Pedal]
8   Dulciana                  61
    blank                                 Swell Unison 8'       [to Great]

Great Super 4'
                                          FINGER PISTONS
SWELL (Expressive)
8   Stopped Diapason          61
8   Gamba                     61          TOE STUDS
4   Flute d'Amour             61          None
                                          PEDAL MOVEMENTS
                                          Expression                (bal.)
PEDAL                                     Crescendo                 (bal.)
16  Bourdon                   30

ACTION: Tub. Pneum.      VOICES: 7      STOPS: 7      RANKS: 7      PIPES: 396

This church building was built as Garden Street Methodist Episcopal in 1855.
It was furnished in 1904 with a 2-manual, 14-rank Jesse Woodberry & Co.
tracker-action organ. In 1911 when Garden Street and First Methodist merged
to form Central Methodist at a new location, the Woodberry was moved along.

In 1916, the building was sold to a Lithuanian congregation and became the
Lithuanian National Catholic Church, also known as Sacred Heart of Jesus. The
Kimball organ is original to this congregation.

The organ is free-standing and encased. The facade has __ pipes stenciled in
blue and gold in a 5-sectional display arranged as : __-_-__-_-__ with three
flats separated by two towers. The facade pipes contain the Great 8' Open
Diapason which is the only non-expressive manual rank.

Sources: JRS; extant organ

Lithuanian Sacred Heart of Jesus Church
150 Garden Street
Lawrence, MA. 01841                          Documented: December 14, 1989
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