Lawrence, Massachusetts
St. Anthony Maronite Catholic Church

WM. H. DAVIS & SON, ca. 1880 - 2-11
C.E. Morey, Opus 370, 1924 - Moving, Rebuild - 2-10
Stuart Organ Co., 1974 - Rebuild & Tonal Revision

GREAT                                        COUPLERS (Drawknob)
8   Principal                    58          Swell to Pedal
8   Bourdon                      58          Great to Pedal
8   Viola                  (tc)  46
4   Octave                       58          Swell to Great
IV  Mixture              [prep]  –-

                                             FOOT TRUNDLES
SWELL (Expressive)                           Great Piano - removed
8   Gedeckt                      58
4   Flute                        58          Great Forte - removed
2   Principal                    58
II  Sesquialtera   [12-17] (tc)  98
8   Trumpet              [prep]  –-          PEDAL MOVEMENTS
                                             Swell Expression             (bal.)

16  Subbass                      27

ACTION: Mech. Key      VOICES: 9      STOPS: 9      RANKS: 10      PIPES: 513
           & Stop

This well-traveled organ is believed to have come from the Presbyterian Church,
in Boonville, New York. It was next in First Baptist Church in Ames, New York
where it had been rebuilt and installed by C.E. Morey. 

The organ is free-standing and encased in a front gallery. The keydesk is
attached and projecting. The facade has 20 pipes. The Great IV Mixture and
Swell 8' Trumpet are full preparations – requiring only the pipework to play.

Prior to the installation of this rebuilt pipe organ in 1974, music had prev-
iously been provided first be a harmonium, and then by a 2-manual Estey reed

Sources: JRS; extant organ

St. Anthony Maronite R.C. Church
145 Amesbury St.
Lawrence, MA. 01841                          Documented: November 24, 1989

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