Aitkin, Minnesota
First Congregational Church of Aitkin

HINNERS ORGAN CO., Opus ___, 1914 - Original Specifications

MANUAL (Expressive except *)                COUPLERS (Drawknob)
8  Ft.  Open Diapason Treble (*) 37         Man. Oct. Coupler
8  Ft.  Open Diapason Bass   (*) 24
8  Ft.  Liebl. Gedackt Treble    37         Pedal Coupler
8  Ft.  Liebl. Gedackt Bass      24
8  Ft.  Viola d'Gamba Treble     37         
8  Ft.  Viola d'Gamba Bass       24         FOOT LEVERS
4  Ft.  Flute Treble             37         Piano -
4  Ft.  Flute Bass               24
        Tremulant                           Forte -

PEDAL (30 notes)                            PEDAL MOVEMENTS
16 Ft.  Ped. Bourdon             15         Swell Expression         (bal.)

        Bellow Signal

ACTION: Mech. Key & Stop    VOICES: 5    STOPS: 9    RANKS: 5    PIPES: 259

Free-standing in a quarter-sawn oak case. 5-sectional fa├žade containing 39
pipes arranged: 7-3-19-3-7. Attached keydesk with a lid that lifts to form
a music rack. Stops as drawknobs in a single row above the manual. Pedal
16' Bourdon plays for 15 notes, then mechanically breaks-back and repeats
at 32' pitch for the top 15-notes.

Sources: Twin Cities AGO 'Organ List'; comparison with other documented
         examples of the builder's work from this period.

First Congregational Church
201 Second St. NE
Aitkin, MN. 56431 

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