Frank Roosevelt (Opus 478, 1890)
Covenant Presbyterian Church
Springboro, OH

Pedal          Swell                  Great                   
16 Bourdon     8 Stopped Diapason     8 Open Diapason         
               8 Dolce                8 Salicional
               8 Violin Diapason      8 Dopple Flote 
               4 Flute Harmonic       4 Gemshorn
               8 Oboe                   Chimes (Deagan)
               Swell Tremolo            Bellows Signal

Couplers                              Pedal Movements
Swell to Pedal                          Engine Starter (Disconnected)
Great to Pedal                          Swell No.1 + Setter
Swell to Great                          Swell No.2 + Setter
Swell to Great Octaves                  Full Organ (Hitchdown)
                                        Great to Pedal
                                        Great No.1 + Setter
                                        Great No.2 + Setter

Chest Order
Open Diapason (m)
Salicional (m)
Gemshorn (m)
Dopple Flote (w)
Violin Diapason (m)
Dolce (m)
Stopped Diapason (w)
Flute Harmonic (m)
Oboe (m)
Bourdon (w) [Either side of chamber and in Facade)
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