George Jardine & Son (1869)
Empire City Skating Rink Building
New York, NY

8' Flute a Pavillon (Wood, 8 feet. Tone full, melodious, and of remarkable pervading quality.)

8' Open Diapason (Metal, 8 feet. Tone clear and ringing.)

4' Flute Harmonic (Metal, 4 feet. Very imitative, and pure intonation.)

8' Tuba Mirabilis (Metal, 8 feet. A trumpet of enormous scale, of singular traveling tone, very powerful, yet round and mellow.)

8' Trombone (Metal, 8 feet. Very orchestral and smooth.)

16' Bombarde (Metal, 16 feet. Deep solid tone, forming the substratum of the whole work.)

Octave Coupler (Adding brilliancy.)

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