Deer Lodge, Montana
Larrabee Memorial Presbyterian Church (later, First)

Austin Organ Co., Opus 688 (1916) - Original Specifications

   8'  Open Diapason                73
   8'  Concert Flute                73
   8'  Dulciana                     73
   Great 16'
   Great On 8'
   Great 4'

SWELL (Expressive) 
   8'  Geigen Principal             73
   8'  Rohr Flute (wood)            73
   8'  Salicional                   73
   4'  Flute d'Amour                12   Duplex from 8' Rohr Flute.
   8'  Cornopean                    73
   Swell 16'
   Swell On 8'
   Swell 4'

   16'  Bourdon                     32
   8'   Flute                       12   Extension of the 16' Bourdon.

   Swell 8'                 [to Pedal]
   Swell 4'                 [to Pedal]
   Great 8'                 [to Pedal]

   Swell 16'                [to Great]
   Swell 8'                 [to Great]
   Swell 4'                 [to Great]   

   General                       1 - 8
   Swell & Pedal                 1 - 8
   Great & Pedal                 1 - 8

   Ped-Rev                       (rev)   Great to Pedal.
   Sforzando                     (rev)

   Swell Expression             (bal.)
   Crescendo                    (bal.) 

ACTION: E-P; Austin "Universal" windchests ™
PIPES: 567

As originally installed, there were two large facades on each side of the
chancel. The organ was installed in a chamber on the left side. The right
side facade was just for symmetry/show. The console was in an elevated
front gallery with the choir.

In 1961, a sanctuary renovation removed the front gallery entirely, re-
locating the console to the chancel floor in the front, right corner.
The right side dummy facade was removed, and the extra dummy pipes on the
left side were removed as well. Only the largest speaking facade pipes
were left exposed (1, 3, 5, 7, & 9 of the Open Diapason). Other speaking
facade pipes (10, 11, & 12) were behind the grille cloth chamber cover.
A removable panel allowed access for tuning the Great.

The Swell is accessed from a hatch on the stairwell landing. The Pedal
16' Bourdon has its bottom octave on their sides along the back wall of
the Swell with the smallest pipe (BBB) on the bottom so as not to block
the access hatch. The remainder of the Bourdon pipes are on a chest sus-
pended over the center of the diatonically divided windchest. All of the
treble extensions (62-73) for both manual divisions are on little slider
chests with tubed action. While the Swell 4' Flute d'Amour is a duplex
from the 8' Rohr Flute - it does have its own independent extension pipes
for notes 62-73.

The organ contains several incongruencies which provide some mystery. The
extension slider chest for the Great ranks is marked with opus 693 - which
is five organs later than this one. And the scallop racks which support
the 8' Dulciana also bear another opus numer and are marked with the name

In July, 1996 - Meadway & Stettner Pipe Organs refurbished the organ. The
price was $11,000.00. All pipework was removed and cleaned. All wooden
pipes with stoppers were releathered. The chambers were cleaned. Shutters
were lubricated. The extension chest for the Swell was relocated for
better access, as was the Bourdon extension chest. Several Bourdon chest
armatures had to be releathered. Once re-piped, the organ was regulated.
Volunteer help from parishioners saved the church $1,100.00 on the cost
of the project.

 [Received on line from James R. Stettner June 16, 2009.]
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