Wind Gap, Pennsylvania
Bushkill United Methodist Church

BATES & CULLEY, 1896 - Original Specifications

MANUAL (Expressive)                          COUPLERS (Drawknob)
8'  Open Diapason                54          Pedal Coupler     [Manual to Pedal]
8'  Dulciana               (tc)  44
8'  Stopᵈ Diapason Treble  (tc)  44
8'  Unison Bass                  12          FOOT TRUNDLES (unlabeled)
4'  Octave                       54          Piano -
4'  Flute d'Amour                54
    Tremolo                                  Forte -

PEDAL                                        PEDAL MOVEMENTS                                        
16' Pedal Bourdon                27          Expression                  (bal.)

ACTION: Mech. Key & Stop     VOICES: 6     STOPS: 7     RANKS: 6     PIPES: 289

The organ is free-standing at the front of the room on the right, and recessed
into a chamber with a case front sporting a stenciled facade of 23 pipes. The
keydesk is attached and projecting with a cover that lifts to form a music rack.

Sources: Photos of extant organ

Bushkill United Methodist Church
1330 Church Rd.
Windgap, PA. 18091                           Documented: April, 2021
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