Steeles Tavern, Virginia
Mt. Carmel Presbyterian Church

Taylor & Boody   Op. 8   1983   1/11

8'	Principal		
8'	Gedackt			
4' 	Octave			
4'	Rohrflöte			
2'	Superoctave			
II	Sesquialtera (from c')			
III-IV	Mixture

16'     Subbass			
Coupler: MAN/PD
Metal pipes of hammered lead-tin alloys
Natural keys of polished cow bone
Sharps and stop knobs of ebony
Case of solid hand-planed white oak
Suspended playing action without squares
Wind pressure: 85mm
Action: Mechanical
Manual compass: C-e''', 53 notes
Pedal compass: C-d', 27 notes
Temperament: Kirnberger III
Pitch: A = 440

[Received from Jeff Scofield February 25, 2022]
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