Saltville, Virginia
St. Paul's Episcopal Church

Estey Organ Co., Opus 473, 1908 - Original Specifications

GREAT                                   COUPLERS
Grt. 8'  Open Diapason        61        Swell to Pedal               [8]
Grt. 8'  Dulciana             61        Great to Pedal               [8]
Grt. 4'  Principal            61
                                        Swell to Great               [8]
                                        Swell to Great 8ves          [4]
SWELL (Expressive)
Sw.  8'  Stopped Diapason     61
Sw.  8'  Salicional           49        FINGER PISTONS
Sw.  4'  Flute Harmonic       61        None
Sw.      Tremulant

                                        FOOT LEVERS
PEDAL                                   None
Ped. 16' Bourdon              30

                                        PEDAL MOVEMENTS
                                        Swell Expression  [gone]  (bal.)

ACTION: Tubular-Pneumatic   VOICES: 7   STOPS: 7   RANKS: 7   PIPES: 384
               Key & Stop

The organ is an original installation. It is installed in a left-side
transept at the front of the room. The keydesk is attached and projecting
with a lid that lifts to form a music rack. Stops are a miniature Haskell
keyboard where pressing the white key actuates the stop, and pressing the
adjacent black key disengages it. The 3-sectional facade contains 25 gold-
painted pipes arranged: 5-15-5, and includes some of the basses of the
Great 8' Open Diapason.

The Swell 8' Salicional likely shares the bass of the 8' Stopped Diapason.
And the bass of the Great 8' Dulciana is either stopped wood or canistered

Sources: Estey opus list; photos of the extant organ; James R. Stettner

St. Paul's Episcopal Church
233 West Main
Saltville, VA. 24370
(276) 706-0332                               Documented: July 31, 2021 
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