Cresco, Iowa
Baptist Church / Store Next Door

Wangerin Organ Co. (Opus 656, 1930's)

    GREAT (Expressive)                  COUPLERS
8'  Open Diapason                       Swell to Pedal             8
8'  Dulciana                            Great to Pedal             8

Great to Great 16'                      Swell to Great          16,8,4
Great Unison Off
Great to Great 4'                       FINGER PISTONS
    SWELL (Expressive)
8'  Stopped Diapason                    FOOT LEVERS
8'  Salicional                          Gt to Ped Rev  [?]       (rev)
8'  Vox Celeste
8'  Oboe                                PEDAL MOVEMENTS
    Tremulant                           Expression              (bal.)
                                        Crescendo               (bal.)
Swell to Swell 16'
Swell to Swell 4'

16' Bourdon
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