Rockwood, Tennessee
Rockwood United Methodist Church

M.P. Möller, Opus 7425, 1947
Unknown Builder, ca. 1964 - moved to current building
Lee Organs, Inc., 1985 - Additions
B. Rule & Company 1996 - Extensive Repairs and Revoicing 

spellings as seen on the console
* indicates rank is partly or fully exposed.

8'  Principal *
8'  Gedeckt (metal)*
8'  Dulciana (enclosed with Swell)
8'  Unda Maris (T.C., enclosed with Swell)
4'  Octave * 
4'  Rohr Floete (metal, internal chimneys)*
2'  Fifteenth * 
II  Mixtur 1 1/3' & 1' breaks at octaves *
    Chimes G to G 25 tubes, 5-position volume control

    SWELL (Expessive) 
16' Kontra Gedeckt(wood, 97 pipe Möller unit flute)
8'  Holz Gedeckt (ext)
8'  Viole Dolce (Möller 73 pipe Salicional)
4'  Flute (ext)
4'  Fugara (ext)
2'  Flautina (ext)
8'  Trumpet (Möller, 73 pipes)
4'  Clarion (ext)

16' Bourdon (from Swell unit flute)
8'  Diapason *(44 pipes, unenclosed, possibly Moller)
8'  Flute (ext Sw.)
4'  Choral Bass * (ext from pedal Diapason)
4'  Flute (ext Sw.)

Swell to Pedal
Great to Pedal

Swell to Great

Swell shade action is Möller individual pneumatics.
All chests electro-mechanical. The original Moller chests were changed
to electro-mechanical by Joe Lee.

The Great plays through a "switched common" electronic relay designed
and built by Joe Lee. The Pedal and Swell are switched in the console
using the original Möller pneumatic components.

Please note this clarification: there are 3 ranks of strings in the
Swell chamber, but only one of those plays from the Swell manual.

[Received on line from William Dunklin September 22, 2009.]
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