Community Church (Baptist), Buckfield, ME
1850 E. & G. G. Hook, Op. 104
(Stoplist: OH 1963:21, OH 1992:47)

Manual (66 notes, CCC-f3, enclosed)
8' Open Diapason [TC](42 pipes, m)
8' Dulciana [TF] (37 pipes, m)
8' St. Diapason Treble [TF] (37 pipes, w)
8' St. Diapason Bass (17 pipes, w)
4' Principal Treble [TF] (37 pipes, m)
4' Principal Bass (17 pipes, m)
4' Flute [TC] (42 pipes, m, chimney)
2' Fifteenth (54 pipes, m)
III Dulciana Cornet [TC] (126 pipes, m)
8' Trumpet [TF] (37 pipes, m)[as of 1992 "recent" replacements of originals]

Pedal (12 notes, CCC-BBB)
16' Sub Bass (12 pipes, w)

Pedal Coupler
Octave Coupler Treble (not connected in 1963)
Octave Coupler Bass (not connected in 1963)

Hitchdown Swell pedal

Manual compass is CCC-f3, 55 notes, but the low octave plays only the 16' Sub Bass, which sounds on both manual and pedal when drawn. Pedal Coupler is activated only when it and the Sub Bass 16' knobs are drawn. 

Dulciana Cornet: 12-15-17 throughout.

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