St. Luke's Episcopal,  Lanesboro, Massachusetts
1862 Wm. A. Johnson, Westfield, MA, Op. 134
(Stoplist: Paul Opel 1998)

Manual (enclosed), C-g''' 

Open Diapason            8       #1-5 stopped wood
Stop'd Diap. Treble      8       TC 
Stop'd Diapason Bass     8       #1-12
Viola de Gamba           8       TC 
Dulciana                 8       TC
Principal                4 
Flute a Chiminée         4 
Twelfth                  2 2/3
Fifteenth                2 
Hautboy                  8       TC 

Pedal (flat, straight, narrow keys), C-d'

Sub Base                16'

Pedals to Manual 
Bellows Signal 
Hitchdown swell pedal, horizontal shutters

The instrument is unaltered except for lights over the keyboard and on the sides of the case, and 
is still in its original location in the gallery of the small stone church building. Wind is 
supplied by the original hand pump. The facade is dummy pipes in a rather plain three sided walnut 
"prickly Gothic" case, with hinged doors which close off the keydesk. All pipes are enclosed with 
the exception of the Pedal Sub Bass. The Flute a Chiminée, Hautboy, and Dulciana stopknobs are 
original; all the others have disappeared.  The instrument was restored ca.1975 by Richard Hamar, 
and will receive further work before the convention in summer 1997 from William Czelusniak of 
Czelusniak et Dugall, of Northampton, MA.

The church is a small stone building built in 1836, with a pine barrel vaulted ceiling and 
elaborate stenciling on the walls. As there is no heat, the church meets here only in summer, using 
another building in winter.

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