St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church, Leland, Wisconsin
1898 Hinners & Albertsen, Op. 368
(Stoplist: David Schnute from T 13:4:12)

MANUAL (61 notes, enclosed)
16' Bourdon --  (tc) Bass and Treble
8' Open Diapason -- Bass and Treble (#1-12 unenclosed in case with 5 dummies)
8' Lieblich Gedackt -- Bass and Treble                            
8' Gamba -- Bass and Treble  (1-12 is Lieblich Gedackt)
4' Flauto Traverso -- Bass and Treble
Octave Coupler
Bellows Signal

PEDAL (27 notes unenclosed)
16' Bourdon
Man-Ped Coupler

"The hand pump is in place, and is usable and useful.  In 1968 the organ case was refinished, the organ reconditioned and a new silent blower added by Henry Weiland of Milwaukee."


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