North Parish Universalist Church, Woodstock, VT
Built originally for the Boston studio of Whitney Eugene Thayer (1838-1889).
Tracker 2:1 October 1957

MANUAL I (61 Notes)
8' Principal or Open Diapason 
8' Gedekt or Stopped Diapason 
8' Dolce or Aeoline 
4' Octave or Principal 
4' Lieblich Flöte or Flute d'Amour 
2-2/3' Quinte or Twelfth 
2' Super Octave or Fiteenth   

MANUAL II (61 Notes, Enclosed)
16' Bourdon or Double Diapason 
8' Geigen Principal or Violin Diapason 
8' Salicional or Viol d'Amour 
4' Traversflöte or Flute Harmonique   
8' Trompet or Oboe 

Mixture II or Sesquialtera II  "COLLECTIVE PEDALS"
Manual I to Pedale and Principal 16'
to Withdraw the Same
Manual I Fortissimo
To Withdraw the Same

PEDALE (27 Notes)
16' Principal or Sub Bass 
16' Bourdon or Double Dulciana  (swell)
8' Violoncello or Octave 

Biggs plays the Ives 'Variations on America' in this delightful 
recording titled "The Organ in America -- being a Survey of the 
Organ-Builder's Art as practiced in these United States from the 
Revolution until the War between the States with many Sounds of 
the actual Instruments playing lively Tunes & Musicks of the Day.  
Collected & Performed by E. Power Biggs with divers Article and 
Illustrations of this Fascinating but Little-Known Inheritance." 
Columbia Masterworks LP, MS6161 / ML5496.  Issued ca the 1976 

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