First Lutheran Church
Yuba City, CA

Organ Designer/Builder: Munetaka Yokota

Manual I

Principal       8'
Spillpfeife     8'
Octava          4'
Rohrfloete      4'
Nasat       2 2/3'
Octava          2'
Tertia      1 3/5'
Mixtur        III
Unda maris      8'

Manual II

Gedackt         8'
Rohrfloete      4' *
Nasat       2 2/3' *
Octava          2' *
Tertia      1 3/5' *


Untersatz      16'
Spillpfeife     8' (from I)
Posaune        16'

Couplers II/I, I/P, II/P

* These stops are from Man. I and can be played on either I or II,
  but not both simultaneously.

Manual Compass:         C-f3
Pedal Compass:          C-f1
Pitch:                  a-440
Temperament:            Kellner-Bach (1/5 Pythagorean Comma)
Wind Pressure:          55 mm (for the entire organ)
Wind System:            One single-fold wedge bellows with electric blower
                                (no wind stabilizer)
Key Action:             Suspended Tracker Action
Stop Action:            Mechanical
Materials:              Solid wood for all wooden parts
                        75% tin for Principal 8' and Unda maris 8'
                        28% tin for Gedackt 8'
                        23% tin for all other metal pipes
                        Pine for Untersatz 16' and Posaune 16'
Prepared Stops:         Trompete 8' for Manual I and Pedal (transmission)
                        Quinte 1 1/3' for Manual II

According to my aunt, the organ is housed in a red baroque style case and
fills the church very well with sound.

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