Historical Society of Berks County, Reading, Pennsylvania
c. 1800 John Dieffenbach
(Stoplist: David Schnute from Tr 15:3:5, emended from Brunner p. 115)

Manual (49 notes)
8' Grob Gadackt  (49 Walnut Pipes, stopped wood) 
4' Principal (44 pipes, low 5 borrowed from 4' Klein Gadackt)
4' Qund:Dehn  (49 Metal capped pipes)
4' Klein Gadackt (49 pipes, stopped wood)
4' Salicet (49 pipes; low 5 capped metal)
2' Octav (49 metal pipes, 39 in case)

Date given as 1776 by Victor Dieffenbach. Dated May 1800 inside case, appears to be 
signed on back panel by John Jacob Dieffenbach in 1803. Piece of newspaper used to 
pack cap of a Quintadena pipe dated 1799. Stoplist spellings from inscriptions on 
parts of the stop action and historical sources. 4' Principal installed by Thomas 
Dieffenbach in 1879 and replaces a Mixture, probably 2rk.


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