Ellensburg, Washington
First United Methodist Church

W.W. KIMBALL CO., 1901
Unknown Builder, ca. 1910 - Relocation of Kimball to Ellensburg from Spokane
George W. Graham, 1956 - Electrification

GREAT (Expressive)                           COUPLERS
8     Open Diapason              61          Swell to Pedal                  8
8     Gamba                      61          Great to Pedal                  8,4
8     Melodia                    61
8     Dulciana                   61          Swell to Great               16,8,4
4     Octave                     61
4     Flute d'Amour              61
2     Fifteenth                  61          FINGER PISTONS
8     Trumpet                    61          General                       1 - 5 
      blank                                  Swell & Pedal                 1 - 5
                                             Great & Pedal                 1 - 5
Great Unison Off                             Gen. Can.
Great to Great 4'

                                             TOE STUDS
SWELL (Expressive)                           Revers     [Gt. To Ped.]      (rev)     
16    Bourdon                    61          Sforzando                     (rev)
8     Violin Diapason            61
8     Stopped Flute              61
8     Salicional                 61          PEDAL MOVEMENTS
8     Voix Celeste         (tc)  49          Expression                   (bal.)
8     Aeoline                    61          Crescendo                    (bal.)
4     Gemshorn                   61
4     Harmonic Flute             61
8     Oboe                       61          ACTION: E-P primary to ventil chests
8     Vox Humana                 61                  E-P unit
      Tremolo                                VOICES: 20

Swell to Swell 16'                           STOPS: 20
Swell Unison Off
Swell to Swell 4'                            RANKS: 20

                                             PIPES: 1,150
16    Open Diapason   [wood]     32
16    Bourdon                    32

This organ was originally built for Vincent M.E. Church in Spokane, WA.
in 1901, and has the distinction of being the first pipe organ in that
city. Little information is available about the organ in its original
home. The organ was relocated to Ellensburg when Vincent merged back with
First Methodist in Spokane to form Central Methodist.

We don't know who moved the organ from Spokane to Ellensburg. It may have
been Arthur D. Longmore who was the long-time Kimball rep. Located in
Seattle. The organ seems to have been installed “as is” with no known
tonal changes. Evidence in the present extant organ suggests that the
manual divisions were originally enclosed separately. But in Ellensburg,
they are enclosed together in a common swellbox with two sets of expression
louvers – one in front and one on the side. However, the side one is
anchored shut and disconnected from the action as there are Pedal pipes
mounted outside the louvers. The casework and facade also seem to have
been altered slightly in the Ellensburg installation.

In 1956, the primaries and ventil stop actions were electrified by George
W. Graham of Spokane and a new Klann console was provided. The Pedal
compass was increased from the original 30 notes to 32 and two additional
pipes were added to both of the Pedal ranks. Notes 1-17 of the Great 8\'
Open Diapason which were originally in the facade were moved to an offset
chest beneath the main chests. The action tubes of the elevated Swell 8\'
Vox Humana appear to have never been reconnected, so this stop is
unavailable. A 25-note set of Deagan chimes (Tenor G thru g 44) is playable
from the Great and controlled by two dials in the right end of the
nameboard. A false wall was erected behind the facade which inhibits tonal
egress in that direction.

SOURCES: Extant organ

[Received from James R. Stettner 2010-10-11.]
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