Patton, Pennsylvania
Queen of Peace Parish (R.C.)

A.B. Felgemaker Co., Opus 991, ca. 1910
Cannarsa, ca. 1965 - Electrification of key action
Schendel, ca. 1982 - Tonal additions

   8   Open Diapason           61
   8   Melodia                 61 
   8   Viol D'Gamba            61
   8   Dulciana                61
   4   Octave                  61
   4   Flute D'Amour           61   Stopped wood with bored stoppers.
   III Mixture                183   Beginning composition: 12-15-19. On
                                    a D-E chest added by Schendel.

SWELL (Expressive)
   16  Bourdon                 61
   8   Open Diapason           61
   8   Stopped Diapason        61
   8   Salicional              61
   8   Vox Celeste       (tc)  49
   4   Harmonic Flute          61   Wood traverse flute, harmonic length.
   8   Oboe                    61   Labial Gamba.

   16  Bourdon                 30

Slider chests are original but with electric pull down magnets.
Not clear as to type of original action. May have been tubular-pneumatic
pallet pull downs or direct tracker. Original action and keyboards may
have been replaced in mid 1960's by Cannarsa Bros. Mechanical Stop action
with foot trundle combinations. Original double rise reservoir has been
replaced by one Durst reservoir. Original ranks are typical for the
period - flutes are particularly beautiful. Room acoustic is extremely
favorable - all wood parquet flooring, high ceilings, etc.

[Received from Joseph Rulli 2010-11-28.]
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