St. Vincent's Episcopal
St. Petersburg, Florida
1885-86 C.F. Durner Organ

Great: (58 notes)

8'      Open Diapason
8'      Melodia (wood)
8'      Dolce
4'      Principal
2'      Fifteenth

Swell: (58 notes - expressive)

8'      Viola
8'      Stopped Diapason Bass
8'      Stopped Diapason Treble (wood)
4'      FLute Harmonique (metal)
8'      Bassoon Bass
8'      Oboe (Treble)

Pedal: (27 notes)

16'     Bourdon (wood)


Swell to Great
Great To Pedal
Swell to Pedal

The organ was obtained "partially" through OCH.


The organ was originally built for St. Paul United Methodist Church in Jim Thorpe, PA. Removed in 
1978, the organ was destined for Yale University. When plans for an additional organ studio fell 
through, the organ remained in storage until 1994. Purchased and restored by the firm of Thomas-
Pierce, Inc (Thom Thomas of Palm Beach). 

The organ was moved here by OHS member Darwin Klug of Lakeland. It is situated in a newly built 
rear gallery and was first heard on Sunday, November 9, 1997. The organist of the church, OHS 
member C. Paul Schrader, played the first dedication recital on March 1 with members of the parish 
choir also participating. The second dedication concert took place on March 22 with OHS member 
Robert Setzer at the organ assisted by the Vanning String Trio. Performed were works by Bach, 
Frescobaldi, Marcello, Corelli, Boellmann and Setzer.

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