Great Organ          
8’ Open Diapason    Lower 17 pipes offset as Front Pipes with 30 false pipes. 
                    CCC 11ft long.          
8’ Melodia          
8’ Dulciana         Lower octave of Melodia and Dulciana are 12 pipes common to 
                    both ranks.          
4’ Principal            

Swell Organ          
16’Bourdon          Lower octave offset and fastened to the rear outside of the
                    swell box.          
8’ Stopped Diapason          
8’ Viola          
8’ Oboe             Lower octave of Viola and Oboe are 12 pipes common 
8’ Salicional          
4’ Harmonic Flute 

16’ Bourdon  

[Received July 20, 2011.]
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