John T. Windle Memorial Auditorium, 1835, Madison, IN
1867 Wm. A. Johnson Opus 217

8' Diapason         56m
8' Clarabella       44w
8' Stop'd Dia. Bass 12w
8' Keraulophon      44m
4' Principal        56m
4' Flute a Cheminee 44m
2 2/3' Twelfth      56m
2' Fifteenth        56m
Swell to Great

8' Open Diapason    44m
8' Stop'd Diapason  44m
8' Stop'd Diapason Bass 12w
8' Viole Di Gamba   44m
4' Principal        44m
4' Principal Bass   12w
4' Saube Flute      44w
II Mixture          88m
8' Hautboy          44m
8' Bassoon Bass     12m
Hitch Down Swell Pedal

16' Double Open Diapason 20w
Swell to Pedals
Great to Pedals
Bellows Signal
Pedal Check
 [Received from Connor Annable 2011-08-14.]
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