Corner Brook, Newfoundland, Canada

Casavant  Op.1672 1941
1 manual 
9 speaking stops

Open Diapason			        8
Rohr Flute				8
Dulciana				8
Principal				4
Wald Flute				4
Twelfth				        2 2/3
Fifteenth				2

Pedal Organ
Bourdon				        16
Stopped Flute	(extension)		8

Octave Coupler
Great to Pedal
Balanced Swell Pedal
General Crescendo

Compass: 61/32

Corner Brook Cathedral is a sizable wooden church with aisles and transepts, elevated in status 
when the Diocese of Newfoundland was split in the nineteen-fifties.  The organ is a small one for 
the size of the building but has a good open position  on the south side of the chancel and an 
ideal specification in which no stop is wasted.  It sounds very well.  There is a plain case with 
gold painted pipe-rack and an attached tilting-tablet console.

 [Received from David Drinkell 2011-10-08.]
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