Everett, Washington
St. Mary Magdalen Parish

Balcom and Vaughan, Opus 689, 1961 - Original Specifications

GREAT (Expressive)            SWELL (Expressive)            PEDAL (Expressive)
  8    Principal                16    Bass Flute              16    Sub Bass
  8    Rohr Flute               8     Principal               16    Gedeckt
  8    Viole                    8     Flute                   8     Principal
  8    Dulciana                 8     Viole                   8     Gedeckt
  4    Principal                8     Viole Celeste           8     Viole
  4    Flute                    4     Principal               4     Octave
  4    Dulcet                   4     Flute                   4     Flute
  2    Octavin                  4     Viole
  III  Mixture                  4     Celeste
  8    Oboe Horn                2-2/3 Nazard
                                2     Flautina
                                8     Oboe Horn

  16    Sub Bass                  (Ped)  12   Extension of the 8' Rohr Flute.
  16    Gedeckt                   (Ped)  --   Same as the 16' Sub Bass but with
                                                 notes 1-12 on “soft wind”.
  16    Bass Flute                 (Sw)  --   Same as the 16' Sub Bass.
  8     Principal           (Gt/Sw/Ped)  61
  8     Rohr Flute                 (Gt)  61 
  8     Flute                      (Sw)  --   Same as the 8' Rohr Flute.
  8     Gedeckt                   (Ped)  --   Same as the 8' Rohr Flute.
  8     Viole               (Gt/Sw/Ped)  61       
  8     Viole Celeste              (Sw)  49   Tenor C.  
  8     Dulciana                   (Gt)  49   Tenor C.
  4     Principal               (Gt/Sw)  12   Extension of the 8' Principal.   
  4     Octave                    (Ped)  --   From the Principal unit.
  4     Flute               (Gt/Sw/Ped)  12   Extension of the 8' Rohr Flute.  
  4     Viole                      (Sw)  12   Extension of the 8' Viole.
  4     Celeste                    (Sw)  12   Extension of the 8' Viole Celeste. 
  4     Dulcet                     (Gt)  12   Extension of the 8' Dulciana.
  2-2/3 Nazard                     (Sw)   7   Extension of the 8' Rohr Flute.
  2     Octavin                    (Gt)  --   From the Principal unit. Top octave
                                                 from the Flautina.
  2     Flautina                   (Sw)   5   Extension of the 8' Rohr Flute.
  III   Mixture                    (Gt)  12   Extension of the 8' Dulciana. Derived.
  8     Oboe Horn               (Gt/Sw)  49   Tenor C.
        Tremolo                    (Sw)       Affects the entire instrument.


  Principal              Rohr Flute             Viola                  Viola Celeste
  73 pipes               97 pipes               73 pipes               61 pipes

  Dulciana               Principal              Oboe Horn
  73 pipes               61 pipes               49 pipes

COUPLERS                                     FINGER PISTONS
  None                                         None

PEDAL MOVEMENTS                              TOE STUDS
  Expression                   (bal.)          None
  Crescendo                    (bal.)

ACTION: E-P unit        VOICES: 7        STOPS: 29        RANKS: 7        PIPES: 487

As originally proposed, this was to have been a 6-rank unit organ with the following unified resources: 8'
Principal, 16' Rohr Flute, 8' Viole, 8' Viole Celeste, 8' Dulciana (tc), and 8' Oboe Horn (tc). The actual
organ installed was expanded by one rank with the addition of an exposed 4' Principal, bringing the total
number of ranks to 7. Also, an 8' Gemshorn and 8' Gemshorn Celeste took the place of the proposed 8' Viole
and 8' Viole Celeste. The cost of the organ was $7,256.00 and included a year's free service.

The pipes are installed in a chamber in the left corner of the rear gallery. Tonal egress is provided only on
the gallery side of the chamber and not the nave side. The console sits on the right side of the gallery with
the organist facing the chamber. Stop switching is provided by behind-the-keys stop slides with a feed bar
actuated by the tail of the key rising.

The organ is almost identical in configuration to St. Monica's Parish on Mercer Island which had been
installed a year earlier by Balcom and Vaughan as their opus 686. It likely provided the inspiration for St.
Mary Magdalen to have the unenclosed 4' Principal exposed to view, and indeed, both churches are of very
similar construction.

Sources: Balcom and Vaughan opus list and files; extant organ

 [Received from James R. Stettner 2012-03-12.]
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