Grace Episcopal Church
   Sheldon, Vermont
   Henry Erben, 1833
   Relocated here, Unknown Builder, 1869
   Moved to new building, Unknown Builder, 1879
   OHS ID: 1048
   MANUAL BASS (unenclosed)               MANUAL TREBLE (enclosed)
 8 Open Diapason Bass (C-e, open wood)  8 Open Diapason Swell TF
                                        8 Dulciano Swell TF
 8 Stopd Diapason Bass                  8 Stopd Diapason Swell TF
 4 Principal Bass                       4 Principal Swell TF
 4 Flute Bass                           4 Flute Swell TF
 2 Fifteenth Bass                       2 Fifteenth Swell TF
                                    2-2/3 Cornet III Swell TF (12-15-17)
                                        8 Trumpet Swell TG
   Pedal Compass: GG,AA-G (Dom Bedos style, permanantly coupled)
   Manual Compass: GG,AA-f'''

1. All "Swell" or Manual Treble stops enclosed.
2. Right hand hitchdown Swell pedal.
3. Hitchdown machine stop retires 4' Principal, 4' Flute, 2', III and Trumpet, which have notched shanks, and which must be hitched to stay on.
[Received online from T. Daniel Hancock, 2012-10-04]
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